Coventry Rise
Limited release of residential blocks in a bushland setting


The best views of Hobart City, kunanyi / Mount Wellington and Harbour are available from Oceana Rise. Close to all amenities plus a short commute (10–15 minutes) to the CBD, encountering only one traffic light on the journey. The site enjoys the longest daylight hours of any location in all of Hobart.

Looking out over the clear unpolluted skies of the harbor, you see the River Derwent flowing seaward depositing fresh water into Storm Bay. The benefits of this continuous water supply plus milder temperatures are apparent throughout the region.

Hobart’s topography gives many advantages to the owners within Oceana Rise. With the gently sloping land, views are guaranteed for all lots, whilst ensuring visual, acoustic and lifestyle immunity from those advantageous amenities such as highways, shops and airports. Sunglasses are essential apparel!


Hobart’s eastern shore boasts temperatures a number of degrees warmer, more sunlight, the longest & closest beaches and a lifestyle more relaxed than other Hobart locations.

Home to the internationally famous Bellerive Cricket Ground, it offers the time in your day to relax, have a glass of wine, barbecue and stroll along the beaches, all before the sun sets.

Whether you wish to relax on your yacht moored at the Bellerive Yacht Club or simply sail on the harbor whilst you view your house from the water, Oceana Drive offers it all.

The calm and peace will overtake you whilst you walk through dedicated bush tracks to adjoining hills. The pace of life will relax you and extend your enjoyment of the adjoining nature areas; still all within minutes of the Hobart CBD.

Serviced by a full public transport system, together with private Harbor Ferry Services, the eastern shore enjoys all benefits.

The ever-changing harbor will ensure you never get tired of this vibrant, friendly, safe and easy-going location.


Being in a waterfront location, the recreation of the area is enhanced by the use and enjoyment of the River Derwent, the harbor and the adjoining beaches.

Everything is close by. Whether it be the use of the facilities at the Bellerive Yacht Club, watching international cricket at Bellerive Oval, sailing on the harbor, surfing at the nearby Goats or Clifton Beaches or having a wine at the nearby wineries after a game of golf, life is full and invigorating.

With nearby oysters farms selling direct to the public, it’s time to sit on your deck and enjoy friends, family and the never ending views of Oceana Rise.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit the nearby cinema, take in a coffee, visit a restaurant or see a live jazz concert in old historic surroundings. For those interested in astronomy the area boasts three separate telescopes, each taking advantage of the clear unpolluted skies. Public access is available.


Close, but not too close, to Eastlands Shopping Centre and Cambridge Park you have access to all the shopping you could ever wish for. Cambridge Park is a recently completed shopping complex adjoining.

Closer in, Shoreline Shopping Centre is but 2 minutes away from your peaceful location, adjoining the shoreline setting of Howrah Beach.

Numerous other hardware, garden, and other centres are available within 5 minutes on the ‘otherside’ of Howrah Hills. Gyms, medical centres, dentists, doctors and other associated professionals are all nearby.

Hobart Airport adjoins Cambridge Park Shopping area. Imagine being within 12 minutes of your airport yet not being aware that it is there!


A broad range of education facilities are available for both state run and private education. A unique transport system operates to ensure that all education wishes are catered for.

Within a radius of 4 kilometres of the site exists a number of pre-schools and primary schools, two high school and a College. All other schools are within 12 kilometres of the site.

Most facilities in the area take advantage of the beach-side location with their outdoor recreation courses.

  • Relaxation


    Beach, sun, Bellerive cricket & coffee.

  • Recreation


    Sailing, beach and bush.

  • Education


    Pre-school to college.

  • Shopping


    All within 5 minutes.

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